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I. Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada Board of Directors Meetings 

Board of Directors Meetings for the Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada are typically held on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Listed below are the scheduled meetings:

Site updated - October 23, 2014

Please attend if you can.  Please RSVP me at:                                   NRS289@aol.com.                                          

Palm Springs, Ca. November 20, 2014 - 1400 - 1600 hours

Call to order:                                                                                                 
 President's Report:                                                                
Vice-President's Report:                                                                    
Secretary Report:                                                                            
Treasurer Report:                                                                             
Government Affairs Director Report:                                                   
Director Reports:                                                                            
LDF Report:                                                                                  
Old Business:                                                                                
New Business:                                                                              
PORAN and PORAC members are always encouraged to attend.