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The Peace Officers Research Association maintains a presence at the Nevada Legislature and actively monitors legislation which affects the ability of law enforcement officers to protect the public and do their job. PORAN also participates in legislation to increase training, professionalism, and effectiveness of law enforcement while seeking to improve the social and economic welfare of personnel and their families. PORAN has retained Ron Dreher as Government Affairs Director. PORAN is a 99% volunteer organization. We now represent thirty-five professional peace officer associations statewide.

The Peace Officerís Research Association of Nevada (PORAN) was incorporated in 1990 as a professional federation of local and state law enforcement associations. PORAN was formed by peace officers for peace officers. From its inception PORANís objectives have always been the welfare of law enforcement - economic, professional, and social welfare of law enforcement. Representing 36 Nevada Law Enforcement Associations and more than 1,500 law enforcement officers/members strong, PORANís objectives are clear and simple as stated in the bylaws. PORAN is proud to be represented in Washington DC by the Patton/Boggs Law Firm.

PORANís mission is to maintain a leadership role in organizing, empowering and representing the interests of rank-and-file peace officers: To identify the needs of the law enforcement community and to provide programs to meet those needs; To represent and protect the rights and benefits of peace officers; To create an environment in which peace officers interact and work toward achieving common goals and objectives; To conduct research, to provide education and training, to define and enhance standards for professionalism; to promote public awareness that encourages and maintains the image of a ďProfessional Peace OfficerĒ.

"The objectives of this association are to unite all persons within its jurisdiction for their economic, professional, and social advancement. It shall be the aim of the association to secure for all public safety officers adequate compensation for the performance of their professional duties and to improve conditions of employment, accomplished through collective legal activities, collective efforts in all areas of labor representation, collective attempts to insure themselves and their families against health, disability, accident, and any other problems that may occur, to collect, study, standardize, and distribute factual data in order to promote the professional qualifications and standing of public safety officers."